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social media is an addictive cancer i constantly crave to quit but one i keep getting pulled back in

while you make pretty speeches i'm being cut to shreds. you feed me to the lions, a delicate balance

btw sincere apologies about that post i sent a couple of days ago that didn't have an image attached and got sent like 5 times

by the way i know DAVx(5) and Nextcloud are FLOSS too, but in order to get contacts synced in WhatsApp I have them installed on my work profile.

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here's my app list. on the right the FLOSS profile, on the left the proprietary profile

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basically this is a Pixel 3a with GrapheneOS. the default profile only has FLOSS apps, while the work profile has proprietary apps such as twitter, instagram, whatsapp, among others. i have also installed detoxdroid for the grayscale filter.

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I'm gonna get beaten up if I use this laptop in public.

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i finished the evangelion anime, the end of evangelion and every rebuild.

now it's time to read the manga

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I very quickly made this in GIMP, project file in comment

hope i can get some sleep tonight...

stupid mosquitos i gassed them with raid and i think they survived

wait, you have real friends? craazy

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Krita 5.0 is out! KDE's sophisticated design app for painting, drawing and animating, comes with tons of new features, massive overhauls to key components to make it much faster, and supports more file formats and customized workflows.

Look out for a faster and more flexible Resource System, smoother gradients, faster smudge brushes, a new MyPaint engine, a redesigned animation interface, new and clearer icons, and much, much more.

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i live in a constant homoerotic experience

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