has been renewed for one more year! this came out of my pocket, so if you want to support us you can still help by donating through liberapay. thanks to everyone for your support!

I've decided to disable signups on Femgit due to the constant spam we've been getting. I'll disable it when the spammers cool down. For now you can email me at if you need a new account. Thank you for your comprehension! ❤️

Ok. Server bills have been settled, but we'll still need some help funding our domain renewal. If you can, please donate. Thank you!

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Hello everyone! This is mint, founder and main administrator of We're having some funding issues currently, since most of the bills are coming out of our pockets and I'm personally short on cash at the moment. If you can, head over to and become a supporter. Thank you! Boosts are also appreciated.

I have decided to make signups on Fedimint require approval from now on. This is to prevent spam accounts from roaming the fediverse while I'm away. This is your admin mint signing off!

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btw this account will become my backup, my new main is located at

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goofing on terf talking points 

i-it's not like i actually want to be a girl or anything!! i just have these clothes and this name and these pronouns so i can invade womens spaces and do sexual assaults 👉👈

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i wish my friends didn’t have to work

i think everyone should be able to sleep and play and snugl as much as me

also, if you are working it means you can’t pay attention to a kitn :blobcatglance:

a cryptobro rambled about NFTs for 4 days straight, this is what happened to his brain

new blog post! "Nokia N900: My experience 12 years after its launch", read it at

@chjara a spider just booped me in your minetest server lol

if you say the word thom yorke will find you running

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