re: note from old fedimint 

@stranger it's part of the activitypub specification; we can't change it without breaking compatibility with other software

@alexanderjt she's moving instances to a personal one. Fedimint is still going to stay

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stop fuckin around with the android NDK and kiss me lol
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pretty cynical answer to a question about growing up in the United States 

"What do American children do before they own a car?"

Well you have correctly observed that American children are trapped in the suburban american environment. In short, you are brainwashed by forced exposure to exclusively your family, your school teachers, and the "friends" that are driven to visit you on "play-dates" which just means your parents don't hate each other from talking after the PTA meeting and want to offload brainwashing onto another trusted child-molder because daycares are for the rich, basically. For all of this, your parents or similair figures are essentially acting as full-time car-dependency valet, putting lots of undue stress on them and ensuring nowhere can be visited unsupervised until you reach an arbitrary age.

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PLEASE READ/BOOST, Death penalty, Melissa Lucio 

Please, please, please call on Gov. Abbot of Texas to grant the falsely convicted Melissa Lucio clemency. She is set to be executed in TWO DAYS.

She was coerced by the police into a false confession when being questioned for the death of one of her children.

More information:

fedimint now uses a self-hosted version of sentry to handle errors!!

this is so errors don't have to be reported to us manually, as we will see it show up in the dashboard

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okay can someone please interact with this post? fedimint was acting weird and i need to make sure notifications work

Does anyone know of a good cheap VPS provider? I need to host a Ruby on Rails application, and my main server is currently running two other resource-heavy apps.


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we need to go back to the internet being the most aggressively uncool and cringy thing ever so that the journos and cia agents stop using it

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new blog post! "Nokia N900: My experience 12 years after its launch", read it at

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I finally got a bank account, so now I don't have to keep using my parent's


just had to deal with a bunch of fascist trans people at lunch


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