Sorry, Microsoft Power Business Intelligence for Workgroups™ Professional Edition

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Ready for a few hours away from Microsoft Power Business Intelligence for Workgroups™

an unwritten rule is

if you're not sure if your commit will fix problem x, put (hopefully) before it

add alt text to your photos or i will Get you

Imagine holding what is, at this time, the most powerful political position in America--lifelong tenure, the ability to override all the other branches of government with 0 democratic checks, and the ability to make de facto legislation out of thin air--and thinking you can be "bullied"

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Sitting on the floor of my living room looking out my patio door because I’m too pale to go outside without applying copious amounts of sunscreen and sitting on a carpeted floor is just the vibe right now ✨

Feeling good this afternoon! I think I’m going to spend some time outside to try and keep the vibe around 😊

bad news folks. eugen just sold mastodon to elon musk. time to pack it in and move to truth dot social, the last bastion of freedom online

Palpatine: Lord Vader, I have a task for you

Vader: Yes, my master

Palpatine: You are to go to the supermarket and pick up some cottage cheese and three peaches

Vader: Yes, my master

Palpatine: Don't go to Kroger. They don't have the right cottage cheese

Vader: Yes, my master

Palpatine: I'll give you a coupon for it. Make sure they scan it

Vader: I believe the local Wal-Mart peaches on sale

Palpatine: Excellent. Everything is occurring as I have foreseen it

Handy mapping for terminology if you're on the English locale:
• tweet -> toot
• retweet -> boost
• quote tweet -> we don't have that here
• like -> favourite

Since there’s an influx of new folks in the fediverse, time for an

I’m David, a 20-something bear-type from the United States. My pronouns are he/him and I enjoy podcasts, design, cooking, lounging about, and podcasts. I work in technology by day and am working to explore some new hobbies by night.

Please feel free to say “hi” or give a follow!

Sleepy. Should probably get shower up and head off to bed

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